Imagine combining sparkly diamonds and rich-coloured gemstones, then add a touch of continental chic and astounding details. Expect these qualities in the exclusive Hulchi Belluni jewellery line, which you can find at a select exclusive jewellery shop today such as Jacobs the Jewellers.

Though a relatively new jewellery brand, Hulchi Belluni is already gaining momentum all around the world. Today, experts are lauding the brand’s trademark for producing high-quality jewellery with an eye for detail and exquisite finish.

A Dream Come True

Founded in 2001, the Hulchi Belluni line started out as a real classic collection from the mind of Martine Hul. Her jewellery line was the culmination of 20 years of experience, integrated with her distinguished style, her energy, sensitiveness, and effervescent creativity. These qualities, along with the principles of the Feng Shui science, lend a unique value to every piece of jewellery from the brand.

One can’t help but feel captivated by the brand’s jewellery line, as it radiates “Chi” or positive energy that brings balance to the body. Each piece draws inspiration from the “beautiful moon” – belluni, or bella luna – creating a sense of energy, mysterious romance, and unadulterated emotions. In fact, the moon, “Belluni”, is the ultimate symbol for the jewellery brand.

Following the Principles of Feng Shui

Each Hulchi Belluni piece is designed with the principles of Feng Shui in mind. You’ll find that each jewellery piece is imbued with energy and power, balanced with organic and wavy features while exuding peace and luxury. All these qualities embody a visible and balanced interaction between the elements: wood, fire, water, earth, and metal.

With this balance among the five elements, the brand aims to radiate positive energy, or “Chi”, to the wearer.

A High-Quality Setting

Though Hulchi Belluni creates different designs, all of their jewels are made with only high-quality diamonds and with 18-karat gold sets. The diamonds are then integrated in two ways: the “Pave setting”, wherein the stones are separated and held in place by little claws; and an “invisible setting”, in which a notch in each stone’s girdle slips into a metal grid below the surface. The latter setting is evident in the brand’s Bellucci line.

Hulchi Belluni is famed for its unique collections, including Crystal Ruby, Bamboo, and the popular Funghetti Collection. If you’re looking for a delicate addition to your jewellery collection, you can never go wrong with a new Hulchi Belluni piece. Find an exquisite jewellery piece from Hulchi Belluni by visiting local jewellers today.


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