Wedding rings or bands traditionally come after the engagement rings. The band is worn on the bottom of the bride’s finger. This signifies an unending union between partners.


Today, there are several ring options to choose from such as gold (yellow, rose or white), palladium and platinum. But, platinum is particularly good due to its intrinsic qualities of purity, durability and rarity.


Berkshire Jewellers Bid Platinum Diamond Rings Over Other Ring Materials


A common question amongst ring buyers is which metal to pick. There are multiple colours to choose from such as yellow, rose or white; sometimes grey. Those who prefer white coloured rings will have to decide between white gold, palladium and platinum.


Platinum may be slightly dearer but it is naturally white and is malleable enough to embed precious stones in. Hence, platinum is often chosen as the premium metal to wear. There are other qualities that platinum metal offers that make it the most ideal to use in a wedding band.


Qualities of Platinum Perfect for Wedding Rings


Besides the natural white colour, platinum’s qualities allow for lovely yet serene wedding rings. It is excellent for the lucky recipient.




Platinum might be harder than gold but it is more malleable. It means that it can hold precious stones such as diamonds better than other metals. In addition, engravings can be inscribed easily which allows for more intricate jewellery designs.


High Purity


White gold rings are often an alloy made of pure gold and palladium. This makes the gold content of the ring typically 75% (18ct). Platinum rings need to have at least 95% platinum content in the metal for it to have that characteristic white colour.


Luxurious Feel


Since platinum is denser than gold, a platinum wedding band will be heavier than a white gold band on of the same size. It offers a more luxurious feel to the wearer.




After some time, all rings would have to be polished to restore their shine. Platinum, being more durable than gold, would lose less of its material during the polishing process. It retains most of its weight from the day it was worn and better withstands the wear and tear of daily use.




Some people are allergic to the white gold alloy. This is because some white gold alloy has a mix of palladium and nickel to harden the metal.


Platinum, being 95% pure, does not trigger nickel allergies. This is perfect for individuals with sensitive skin.


Extreme Rarity


Platinum is one of the rarest precious metals in the world. Some even claim that gold is more abundant than platinum. This certainly adds to the luxurious feel of the elegant ring.


Obtain the Unmatched Grandeur of Platinum Diamond Rings


Tying a knot with your loved one is always an occasion you look forward to. But, there are so many elements that go together and seamlessly meld together to create the perfect event.


What better way to seal this momentous event than with a timeless platinum wedding band from Berkshire. Speak to independent jewellers and acquire an unmatched masterpiece today.




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