Truth be told, a lot of people tend to spend more time looking for engagement rings over wedding bands, notwithstanding the fact that they’ll be wearing the latter for the most part of their post-married  lives.

That’s why, more than looking for the perfect engagement ring, you must also find the perfect band that goes well with it.

Jewellery Experts Reveal How to Match Engagement Rings to Wedding Bands

Finding the matching wedding band would require more than choosing a simple ring. You should always keep in mind these expert tips from jewellers.

Balance is key

Should you plan on wearing both your wedding band and engagement ring, remember that the band mustn’t overpower the engagement ring. Instead, regard your band as a companion to your engagement ring rather than a single ring.

You can start the process of finding the perfect wedding band by looking for one with the same metal or width as your engagement ring. Should you have a modern ring, for instance, you can opt for bands with little or no embellishment. These bands go well with engagement rings designed with clean lines and simple geometry.

Bring out the sparkle

If you’d like to add more shine to your hands with an equally sparkly wedding band, always match the setting type. For instance, match bezel with bezel, or channel with channel. Keep in mind, though, that diamonds don’t need to go all the way, especially since these would be difficult to be resized.

Matching a custom engagement ring

It’s easy to find a matching wedding band for regular-shaped engagement rings, yet it gets more difficult to match an unusually-shaped ring. That’s why expert jewellers would recommend having your wedding bands customised instead.

Keep in mind that there are absolutely no rules when it comes to matching your ring and your partner’s ring. If you’d like, you can go for wedding bands that reflect your commitment. After all, wedding bands are made to signify eternal love for your spouse, and ring engravings are among the most popular ways to immortalise this.

Don’t forget quality

More importantly, never skimp on the quality of your wedding band. You and your spouse-to-be will wear this ring for the next few decades, and you should always go for the one of top quality. You can find such rings from expert jewellers like Jacobs, and soon you can find the one that works best with your engagement ring.


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