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Emerald Engagement Rings - A Popular Choice for Everyone


Who would have thought that the charm and elegance of emeralds continue to captivate a lot of jewellery aficionados until today? Many celebrities and iconic politicians wore rings highlighting this stone's best qualities.


The American President, John F. Kennedy, proposed to Jackie Bouvier with an iconic vintage art deco-style, diamond and emerald ring.  Halle Berry, an American celebrity, wore a hand-forged 4- carat emerald yellow gold engagement ring given to her by Olivier Martinez [Mazal Diamond].


These jewellery pieces inspire elegance and show unique beauty. So, allow us to unravel the fascinating history of emeralds and how it has enchanted many cultures across the world.


An Unparalleled Worldwide Obsession with Emeralds


Amongst the rarest gemstones in the world, emeralds have inspired poets, artists and many others for over 6000 years. Our infatuation with the stone can be observed from ancient Greece, Egypt, and India.


Knowledge of Ancient Greece


Ancient Greeks associated emeralds with Aphrodite, the goddess of love. The Greek philosopher, Aristotle, wrote that owning an emerald increase the wielder’s presence. Making it the ideal accent when conducting speeches and business meetings. This gem was so prized that at one point, it became more expensive than diamonds [Jewels for Me].


Mysteries of Ancient Egypt


Emeralds have long been prized as a stone which commands loyalty and respect. The ancient Egyptian queen, Cleopatra VII Philopator, was an avid fan of this gemstone. She loved emeralds to such an extent that she claimed one of the emerald mines from the Greeks for her own. She, along with other ancient Egyptians, believed that it could treat eye diseases [Cleopatra’s Emeralds].


The Splendour of Mughal India


Another monarch who shared the same love for the stone was Shah Jahan of India. He had sacred texts inscribed into these gems and used it as talismans. It was used for both protection and good luck. Hindus followers of the god Krishna offered emeralds to receive “Knowledge of the Soul and the Eternal”.


Make Your Day Special with Emerald Engagement Ring


For over 6000 years, emeralds have captured everyone's imaginations. Worn by first ladies, celebrities, and queens, these gems genuinely embody elegance and unparalleled beauty.


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