Whatever it is, the best marriage proposals always come straight from the heart. And of course, having a very special engagement ring for your special someone will always help your chances of a Yes!


So, as a trusted Reading jeweller, we’re highlighting some of the best engagement ring choices with a fantastic selection for you choose from to help you this Valentine’s day. Find out more on this blog.


Getting Down on Your Knee and the Art of Proposing


Making a marriage proposal memorable is essential! It takes time, effort and sometimes perfect timing to pop the question. So since Valentine’s Day is coming, how about then as a romantic day to propose and surprise your loved one a brilliant diamond engagement ring?


And we know that diamonds are stunning to look at; that’s why they’re so popular. But, there is only one engagement ring she’ll wear and this ring best will symbolise her personality and your love. Let Jacobs the Jewellers hand-picked independent range of engagement rings reflect your personalities exactly.


Engagement Rings to Make a Marriage Proposal Memorable


Diamond rings for engagement come in different designs. It can have a band made of precious materials such as platinum, or gold.  Many rings are set with gemstones to create an irresistible beauty.


Here is a quick overview of three (3) of the finest jewellery pieces from Reading jewellers.


Classic Solitaire Rings

These are the so-called quintessential engagement rings consisting of a band and a gemstone. Simple yet classy and elegant. And, choosing a platinum diamond ring is ideal for a bride-to-be as platinum is rare, durable and pure.


Engagement Rings with Gemstones

These exquisite rings are made with gemstones set in the middle of the band. Usually, diamonds are used for this design. But for a unique twist, placing a beautiful, peachy pink morganite at the centre with channel set diamonds in the band can reflect a unique personality.


Three Gemstone ‘trilogy’ Rings

This ring design is made with a romantic history. It is believed that each stone embodies the past, present and future of the couple which will bind you together for better or for worse.! An immaculate platinum band with Art Deco style diamond ring is a perfect gift for her who have faith in love and forever.


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Find a Fabulous Engagement Ring in Reading Today


An engagement ring is not simply just buying a piece of jewellery. This is about telling your fiancée how you feel about her and the prospect of spending the rest of your lives together. Check out a fabulous engagement ring range in Reading today.


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