True, diamonds have that timeless appeal. Others, however, are put off by its hefty price tag and its classic look. Coloured gemstones, however, offer that remarkable sparkle for an affordable price. It also gives the bride-to-be a chance to integrate her personality and fashion preferences into the engagement ring.

This clamour for coloured gemstones also resulted in a wider variety of choices. Among the different gemstones adorning engagement rings, rubies are among the most popular. After all, the July birthstone has a rich and romantic colour that perfectly encapsulates passion and affection to a loved one. In fact, even these Hollywood celebrities have been flaunting their ruby sparklers given by their loving fiancés.

Jessica Simpson

The actress and singer, who became engaged to Eric Johnson in 2010, was presented with a 5-carat golden ring set with an oversized ruby and embellished by two diamonds. The ring, chosen with the help of jeweller Neil Lane, was even made special owing to the fact that ruby is Jessica Simpson’s birthstone.

Ashlee Simpson

In choosing the engagement ring for Ashlee Simpson, actor Evan Ross opted for a 5-carat marquise-cut diamond ring accented with rubies and 140 small diamonds. Designed by Neil Lane, who also chose the engagement ring for Ashlee’s sister, this sparkler exudes a contemporary look with its art deco-like rubies.

Eva Longoria

An unforgettable proposal in the middle of the Dubai sand dunes was made even more memorable with a stunning ruby ring. Chosen by fiancé Jose Antonio Baston, this simple yet mesmerizing piece is truly fit for royalty.

Victoria Beckham

Her marriage with David Beckham is perhaps the definition of true love, now that the couple is celebrating 18 years of marriage. Even more astonishing is the fact that Victoria Beckham received 13 engagement rings (so far) from her husband. One of them is a diamond-encrusted ring set with an oversized ruby, which is perhaps the most stunning piece in the set.

All these ruby sparklers worn by these celebrities only prove that rubies can make for a gorgeous yet meaningful engagement ring. Ask expert jewellers, like those from Jacobs, on how you can incorporate this beguiling gemstone into fine jewellery pieces.


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