The internet is a conveniently compelling way to buy things, and certainly jewellery is no exception.

We've put together a couple of key considerations when looking at where to purchase your engagement ring. Our goal is to provide our customers with the information they need to make a balanced decision as to how to purchase their ring confidently from wherever they choose. When researching your engagement ring purchase we urge customers to use their judgement in comparing prices and rings with our Jacobs range, as an engagement ring is such an important and long lasting purchase. Do drop by our shop or make contact for more information.

  • Consider the historical track record of the establishment you’re choosing – online reviews often help but do treat them judiciously, nothing substitutes meeting someone personally face to face, establishing trust and confidence.
  • Check the quality of the way in which the rings are made, not just considering the gemstone which may be easily comparable using the readily available diamond 4 C's. Very often seemingly cheap rings may have good diamonds but are manufactured badly to reduce the price – why risk your precious gemstone?
  • With regards a diamond, consider that if it looks to good to be true, there is probably something unusual about the gemstone’s minor characteristics. Dig deeper or seek expert advice: seemingly identical diamonds by colour and quality can vary by as much as 25% due to the minor, sometimes overlooked, characteristics – contact us for more information
  • Are certificated diamonds from one of the main independent internationally recognised diamond houses or self-certificated by the company you’re purchasing from?
  • Do you have access to re-sizing of the ring easily without invalidating or compromising the ring maker's warranty?
  • Do take advice on what technical aspects of diamonds actually mean in real life, i.e. being aware that not all information about diamonds is covered in a diamond certificate, how do the characteristics actually work compared to other quality gemstones and what’s the right balance of quality versus price for YOU
  • Does the maker discuss wedding rings and how well they fit with together?
  • Does the maker discuss the ring recipient's lifestyle with you and advise accordingly? Not doing so may lead to certain riskier designs being selected that run a higher likelihood of losing a gemstone.
  • Is the design one that will be robust and long lasting? Many designs look amazing but will be difficult to service and look after in the long term - we see this a lot with international imported designs where in conjunction with this, the rigours and standards of metalworking aren’t as high as the UK’s independent noble metal assay offices.