Yet, young loves may be unsure of what type of ring to propose with. Thankfully, expert jewellers suggest using a diamond set ring; as it is the ultimate expression of love.


Read this blog to learn on the splendour of engagement bands and why it is a symbol to behold.



How Proposing with Diamond Commitment Rings Became a Trend


Although the tradition of proposing with engagement bands date back to ancient Rome, proposal rings with diamond set stones were a fairly recent choice.


In the year 1477, Archduke Maximillian commissioned what was considered to be the first diamond set engagement ring. He gave a ring with diamonds shaped of an ‘‘M’’ to his betrothed, Mary of Burgundy.


Today, there are many available types of betrothal bands set with various precious stones. Yet, the most coveted pieces are still the ones with diamond gemstones.


Now, for those who are looking to propose this season, Berkshire jewellers suggest the following engagement rings.


Perfect Platinum and Diamond Ring Combinations


Diamond and platinum are jewellery materials that are meant for each other. Diamonds are one of the hardest stones available. To properly hold this gem, an equally strong material is needed.


Thankfully, platinum is not only sturdy, it is also quite malleable. Creating a wonderful piece of art that is truly a timeless masterpiece.


Here are some rings which showcase the perfect union of diamond and platinum.


Emerald Cuts for a Glorious Diamond Ring


A platinum diamond set ring


This hallmarked diamond engagement ring has its diamond centrepiece cut in a way similar to modern emeralds. It is surrounded by 20 brilliant cut diamonds, which help emphasise its centrepiece. All these elements are held together by a shiny platinum band.


Twin Diamond Twist Ring Shows its Complexity


Platinum Two Stone Diamond Twist Ring


A uniquely designed ring, this platinum two stone diamond twist ring displays two brilliantly cut diamond gemstones which cross over the ring. Furthermore, 5 diamonds are set on each twisted shoulder; adding beauty to the already magnificent jewellery piece.


One can clearly observe the masterful work done by expert jewellers in this complex piece.


Three Stone Set Ring of a Solid Union



With three brilliantly cut diamonds, this platinum three stone diamond ring showcases set firmly on a solid base and emits a feeling of solidarity and stability. This is perfect for proposing a stable and long-lasting union between you and your partner.


Declare your Fidelity with a Brilliant Diamond Betrothing Band


Indeed, diamond proposal rings are the embodiment of one’s commitment and trust they give to their partner. It shows the courage, dedication and fidelity of the one proposing.


Now, a life partner looking to share his or her life with his or her partner is recommended to propose with beautiful and elegant platinum engagement band with a diamond set stone this season. Couples may consult Berkshire jewellers for more information.




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