Shaun Leane is one of the United Kingdom’s finest jewellery designers. He is best known for his works with a fellow artist, Alexander McQueen. Their masterpieces, such as the coiled corset presented in the 1997 autumn fashion show, captivated thousands with innovative styles [Dazed].


His expertise also shines in his intricate jewellery pieces. Find out more about his design philosophy which stands out from the rest.


Fusing Innovation with Peerless Craftsmanship for a Timeless Piece


Usually, gemstones are the primary focus in many jewellery. This, however, results in fine pieces being similar to others in the market. But, unlike most artisans, Shaun Leane creates his pieces based on a concept or motif without worrying about the gemstones [Elite Traveller]. He chooses the materials which best fits the theme. And, these unusual jewellery pieces inspire awe in anyone who sees it.


Despite being classically trained, his time with Lee Alexander McQueen taught him to push the limits of his craft. That is why even his most ambitious masterpieces still contain a hint of the classical style. In the following sections, read on about three jewellery pieces which showcase this design philosophy.


Stunning Statement Jewellery Bearing Innovative Designs


Inspired by his past work with Lee Alexander, the latest pieces in his latest collection depicts a powerful, tribal style with a hint of modern romance. Below are a few artefacts which best represents this art form.


Shaun Leane Rose Gold Vermeil Hook Earrings

Shaun Leane Rose Gold Vermeil Hook Earrings

This marvellous pair of rose gold vermeil hook earrings is part of the Signature Tusk Collection. It’s made with an elegant rose gold vermeil metal. Its twin constructs fit perfectly clasps the ear.


Wearing these items with a dashing black dress would bring out your best features. Show your style the next time you’re attending a formal event by sporting these stunning pieces.


Shaun Leane Rose Silver Hook Bracelet

Dare to be risky. This iconic silver-hook bracelet is made with high-quality sterling silver metal. Its lustrous properties and striking tribal design make it an excellent accent to your casual wear. Use it to highlight your wild and untamable personality.


Shaun Leane Silver Arc Triple Ring

It is fabulous and mesmerising, to say the least. This unique silver arc triple ring is a bold choice for ring designs. Its elegant contours partnered with its simple design is the perfect accessory for someone who desires a subtle yet elegant piece to complete their outfit.


Shop for Shaun Leane Collection and Break the Norms of Fashion


It’s quite rare to come across a piece of designer jewellery which goes against the classic design. But, the House of Shaun Leane, certainly, delivered alluring luxury pieces. Thanks to the designer's bold approach and pushed the boundaries of high fashion to greater heights.


Shop for authentic Shaun Leane collection today. Visit a trusted jewellery shop in Reading.




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