At Jacobs we like to plan ahead for the festive season. We know it’s not even Halloween yet – but being prepared is certainly preferable to scrabbling around for presents the week before Christmas!

If you’re also one of those people already thinking ahead and considering a luxury watch to put under the tree for your loved one, we’ve got you covered.

Our range of designer watches are the perfect Christmas present for the discerning, stylish man in your life. Every winter they’re amongst our most sought-after and highly appreciated jewellery gifts.

Read on to discover our most popular watch collections, including TAG Heuer and Longines. Choose yours before stock runs out – and beat the festive rush! 

TAG Heuer Watches: Luxury Timekeeping Since 1860 

As an official authorised agent, Jacobs have been selling TAG Heuer watches for many years. A world-recognised top watch brand, TAG Heuer are a favourite fixture on many Christmas wish lists.

TAG Heuer Watches Official Brand Logo

To many men, a TAG Heuer watch represents refinement and quality. The Swiss company also has a reputation for accuracy that has seen them become the official timekeepers for the world’s most famous sporting events – including of course Formula 1.

TAG Heuer Sporting Event Formula One Racing Car


Timekeeping Pioneers 

TAG Heuer have been at the forefront of technological innovation for 160 years, resulting in luxury watches that are accurate to an unbeatable 5/10,000ths of a second. 

Edouard Heuer founded the company in St-Imier, Switzerland, going on to manage the timekeeping for the Olympic games of the 1920s. Since being acquired by the Techniques d’Avant Garde group, TAG Heuer have maintained their commitment to accuracy and quality workmanship in horology.

One of Heuer’s key early innovations was the improvement of the “oscillating pinion”, a tiny but crucial mechanism that allowed the watch to be started and stopped at the push of a button, much more simply than in previous designs. 

Edouard Heuer Innovation The Perfected Chronograph

Image Source: Edouard Heuer's innovation “the perfected chronograph”.

As demands for more accurate timekeeping grew into the 20th century, TAG Heuer watches met the technological challenges for use in sport, medicine, aviation, automobiles, and of course, as wrist chronographs

A TAG Heuer even became the first watch in space, worn by pioneering astronaut John Glenn in 1962. 

A Watchmaking Tradition: Joining Past and Future 

Nowadays, a TAG Heuer wrist watch combines a long history of timekeeping advancement with modern design and resilience. 

Their watches have become instantly recognisable through their association with sportspeople and events, as well as many famous brand ambassadors, including Leonardo di Caprio, Brad Pitt, Chris Hemsworth and Tiger Woods. 

TAG Heuer’s collections of luxury watches represent their commitment to sport, heritage and innovation.


TAG Heuer Aquaracer Watch Collection Series

  • Aquaracer – As the name suggests, this collection is made to withstand the extreme conditions of professional water sports. Besides impeccable timekeeping and waterproofing, the Aquaracer range comprises beautiful wristwatches for any occasion. 


TAG Heuer Carrera Watch Collection Series

  • Carrera – An eclectic collection of endurance-oriented designer watches, this range was born in 1963 and intended for motor racing. Named after the Carrera Panamericana Mexico Road Race, these bold chronographs ensure maximum legibility at all times. 

Formula One 

TAG Heuer Formula One Watch Collection Series

  • Formula 1 – Inspired by their love of racing, this is the only series to feature the TAG Heuer shield on the watch face. This casual sports watch range features a driver extension in the strap to fit over a racer’s sleeve. 


TAG Heuer Autavia Watch Collection Series

  • Autavia – Taking its name from the combination of automobile and aviation, these automatic watches started life as dashboard time pieces for planes and rally cars. This is TAG Heuer’s oldest collection, providing authentic heritage on the wrists of today’s adventurers.


TAG Heuer Link Watch Collection Series

  • Link – Featuring a chain of double-S shapes around the strap, this is the only collection in the TAG Heuer design range that started with the bracelet. Flat, contemporary lines with rounded stainless steel, Link watches are smooth, fluid and lightweight. 


TAG Heuer Monaco Watch Collection Series

  • Monaco – Instantly recognisable, the avant-garde square faced chronometers were a world first. Actor Steve McQueen famously loved these exquisitely designed watches and wore one in the film ‘Le Mans’. 

TAG Heuer Watches in Reading 

Jacobs stock all the above TAG Heuer ranges. Regardless of lifestyle and taste we’re bound to have a luxury watch from these Swiss watchmaking masters to suit you.

However, some models’ availability is already limited, which means they’re only going to be harder to find the closer we get to December. There are also savings to be made for a lucky few, as some of our most popular TAG Heuer watches are currently on sale

Can’t quite find the watch you’re looking for amongst the TAG Heuer collections? Fear not – Jacobs also stock designer watches from their esteemed Swiss neighbours: 

Longines Watches: Timeless Elegance, Tradition and Performance 

Hailing from the very same Swiss town of St-Imier, Longines has been producing elegant luxury watches since 1832. 

Longines Watches Official Brand Logo

Founder August Agassiz’s winged hourglass logo boasts the title of the world’s oldest trademark or logo still in use.

Longines harnessed technological innovations to produce some of the world’s first highly precise wrists chronographs and electronic-quartz clocks.

Like TAG Heuer, Longines has a history of developing chronometers for sporting events. Since the 1880s the company’s timekeeping devices have served American horse racing events, as well as pioneering aviators and explorers. 

To this day they continue to partner with sportspeople and events, as official timekeepers for equestrian sports, alpine skiing, gymnastics, archery and the Commonwealth Games. 

Longines Watches – A Byword for Elegance 

“L’elegance” is the word that sums up the range of the Longines company’s luxury watches. 

With 190 years of watchmaking experience and expertise, the quality and precision of a Longines watch is without question. What they have achieved in their long history is to blend the high performance of Swiss watchmaking with timeless design artistry. 

The result is a series of beautiful luxury wristwatches which are perfect for both sport and everyday wear. 

Longines divide their products into different “atmospheres” - refined categories that each tell a different story of the watchmaker’s prestigious history:


Longines Grande Classique Italian Dolce Vita Watch Collection

  • Elegance – featuring the ultra-slim, delicate Grande Classique, Italian inspired Dolce Vita, and horse-loving Equestrian lines, amongst others. This category consists of perfect luxury watches for those who appreciate refinement and classic beauty.

Watchmaking Tradition 

Longines Traditional Watch Master Collection

  • Watchmaking Tradition – a category of designer watches reflecting the long history of Longines’ dedication to their craft. This range includes the Master Collection, a series of watches remarkable for their timeless simplicity.


Longines Sport Conquest Watch

  • Sport – paying tribute to their sporting partnerships, this collection includes the Longines Conquest watches, made for performance and elegance. 


Longines Pioneering Heritage Watch

  • Heritage – combining the best of Longines’ finest models of the past with cutting-edge technology of modern day watchmaking. These luxury watches pay tribute to the enduring pioneering spirit of Longines. 

When you choose a Longines watch for Christmas you’re not just getting an impeccable timekeeping device. You’re buying into generations of watchmaking excellence and history. 

Longines watches have stood the test of time – making them the very definition of a classic. 

Among their collections you have the choice of: 

  • Ceramic, steel or gold casing
  • Metal, leather or rubber bracelet
  • Automatic, quartz or manual movement mechanics
  • A spectrum of dial colours 

Whichever style of Longines watch you choose for your loved one this year, it’s guaranteed to garner widespread admiration for its timeless elegance, classic design and time-tested reliability. 

Jacobs’ Sale Watches – A Last Chance for a Timely Bargain 

Christmas shopping wouldn’t be the same without finding a bargain. The same goes for watches. We keep a small selection of luxury wristwatches in our Reading shop which are the last of their kind in our stock. 

These enviable models are significantly reduced and so present a fantastic opportunity to get hold of a top luxury watch at a great price. 

Amongst this sale range (still available at the time of writing) are several TAG Heuer watches including:

Plus many more, all at unbeatable reductions. These watches are box new with a two year international guarantee. But remember, they’re unlikely to last long. 

Go to our Sale Watches page to find a beautiful designer watch at a great price – before time runs out! 

Pocket Watches – A Timeless Gift 

The Christmas season is steeped with tradition. And for the discerning traditionalist, nothing beats a classic pocket watch

Designed and crafted for centuries before clock mechanisms were small enough to enable wristwatches to overtake them in popularity, pocket watches still have an irresistible charm. 

Most men these days prefer a luxury wristwatch, but for something extra special, ask us about our current stock of pocket watches. 

Second-Hand Watches 

From time to time we select specially chosen pre-owned and pre-loved watches to offer our customers. As you can imagine, some of these timepieces have fascinating histories and character that a new watch can’t rival. 

Get in touch with one of our team for guidance on what second hand watches we currently hold in store. 

Watch Winders 

For the true horological connoisseur, a watch winder can complete a collection of luxury watches with panache. 

Most useful for those who own more than one automatic watch, a watch winder keeps watches from running down when not being worn. 

If your watch is likely to be stationary for any length of time, then a watch winder can ensure that your wristwatch remains accurate and powered up for whenever you need it. They can also serve as attractive display cases for a luxury watch when off the wrist. 

Jacobs have a select assortment of winders, which make for a practical accompaniment for the man with several luxury timepieces in his collection. 

Bremont Watches 

In our recent article we wrote extensively about our other major luxury watch brand, Bremont. 

This British watchmaker is increasingly popular, and another beautiful option amongst our Swiss-manufactured brands for the timekeeping enthusiast in your life this festive season.

A Luxury Watch is For Life – Not Just for Christmas 

A quality designer watch is one of the most valuable, memorable and personal items a man can wear. 

Beyond a top watch brand’s commitment to precision, durability and style, given as a present from someone special, a watch can take on unmatched sentimental importance.

Christmas is the perfect time to give a luxury watch. Although it seems to come earlier every year, people are already talking about their festive arrangements. However, it’s better to be too early than to risk disappointment later on.

Nonetheless, any jewellery purchase should not be rushed. We recommend planning ahead, doing your research and finding just the right timepiece before jewellery stores are overwhelmed in December’s seasonal surge.

Luckily, once purchased, a top luxury watch can last a lifetime if properly looked after, lending the wearer elegance and sophistication for years to come.

See our portfolio on our watch collections webpage or visit our Reading store in person where we can advise you on the most suitable model for your ideal Christmas gift.