You think shopping for an engagement ring is hard? Wait until you’re about to tie the knot and buy your very own set of wedding rings in Reading. No pressure, you’ll only have to wear the rings ‘til death do you part. However, there really isn’t a clear cut guide to buying the perfect wedding bands for your special day since it is different for each couple. This makes it a challenge for most but if you’re hell bent on finding the one ring seal the deal and say “I do”, it would help to keep these tips in mind.


Choose Your Metal

If engagement rings are all about the flashy stones, wedding bands in Berkshire are all about the precious metals. If you’re both very traditional, your popular choices would be yellow gold or pure gold. If you can’t seem to settle on one, you can agree to disagree and choose different metals but have it made so that they’re sporting the same style. Of course, you’ll want something that would stand the test of time. Therefore, you should not settle for 22ct gold bands as it is too soft to be worn daily, but rather, an 18ct golden ring that can better handle the job. 

Match it With Other Jewellery

Most women wear their engagement rings with their wedding bands on one ring finger. Choose something that would complement the engagement ring or perhaps the groom’s favourite wrist watch. Custom handcrafted rings is your best bet to making sure that they are shaped just right to make it easier to be worn side by side with an engagement ring. In any case, you should come in for a proper fitting and make your special requests to the jewellers.

Set it With Diamonds

Diamond-encrusted and diamond-set wedding rings are getting more popular these days, even with men. It’s not just the ladies who can get to show off gorgeous rocks on their rings anymore. A huge advantage is that diamonds look good on any sort of metal for your wedding bands. If you are going to a jewellery store that makes custom made rings, you even have a choice as to how many diamonds you want your wedding bands to have.

Picking out wedding rings together can be a fun activity for the couples counting down the days until their special day. Jewellery stores like Jacobs the Jewellers can provide you with an extensive selection of quality wedding bands.


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