Celebrating the Marriage Milestones


Traditionally, couples celebrated their wedding anniversaries as milestones. They would get together with family and friends to publicly note the passing years. Today's celebrations may start out with a gathering of people but tend to end with more private gift-giving moments where a husband and wife exchange gifts that have meaning to both. Whether you choose to celebrate traditionally or with modern gemstone ring gift-giving, there is a gemstone to meet your needs.


January’s gem is garnet.


January's gemstone is the durable, fiery red garnet. Garnets date back thousands of years. The Egyptians called it the symbol of life. Perfect for celebrating your lives together.


February's is an amethyst, also called purple quartz. 


Amethyst means intoxicated in ancient Greek. This would be a lovely ring symbolising that you are still intoxicated with each other after all these years!


March is aquamarine. 


The aquamarine is a beautiful gemstone that once was believed to protect sailors on the sea. Its blue-green colour reminds one of the calming effects of water.


April's gemstone is the diamond. 


Diamonds are the world's hardest gemstone. In fact, it can only be cut by another diamond. They are prized for their rarity and scintillating sparkle. Diamonds can be tiny and inexpensive to large and very expensive indeed. It's said that diamonds are forever, symbolising eternal love.


May is the emerald. 


Its green beauty and exquisite cuts make it most desirable. Emerald is a symbol of loyalty and rebirth.


June's gemstone is the pearl. 


The pearl is the only gemstone that is made by a living entity in either saltwater or freshwater. Pearls are very affordable and available in various colours.


July's symbol of prosperity, love, and passion is the ruby. 


Revered since ancient times, the ruby is often considered more valuable than a diamond depending on its quality and number of inclusions.


August's gemstone is the peridot.


Peridot’s green colour is often confused with an emerald. Most peridots come from Arizona in the United States, but some from Pakistan have been measured at over 100ct. 


Sapphire is September’s gemstone.


If your anniversary falls in September, your gemstone is the sapphire. Sapphires aren't just blue but are found in every colour but red.


October weddings for opals.


Opals diffract light to show its many colours. Just like the leaves turn in the autumn, October anniversaries will find colourful opals to fit every taste and budget.


November is the topaz. 


Once all yellow gemstones were considered topaz. But today we know that topaz can be both yellow and light blue. It is one of the most affordable gemstones out there.


December's gemstone is tanzanite. 


Only recently found in Tanzania, tanzanite is famous for its purple-blue colour and affordability.


Which gemstone will adorn your ring is a personal choice, made with lots of thought and love that celebrates the years with unique cuts and colour that's sure to bring happiness.


Reminiscing Your Promise with a Gemstone Ring


Rings are circular, representing a love that has no end. Celebrating that promise with precious metals that will hold your gemstone in place can be a tough choice. 


Do you choose a metal based on aesthetics, how it looks against the skin? Do you base your choice on affordability and future value? 


Gold, platinum, and silver are three of the most common ring metals. 

The Gold Standard


Gold comes in many colours, the most common being yellow, white and rose gold. Yellow is the most popular and tends to be less expensive than its white and rose counterparts. It is available in 9ct, 14ct, 18ct, and 22ct gold, though for gemstone setting 9ct and 18ct are advised. Gold means warmth, classic style and gives your jewellery the look and feel of heirloom quality.


The Platinum Prestige


Platinum is a rare white metal and the premium choice for an anniversary ring. It's expensive as it is used at nearly 100 per cent purity. It's a more dense metal so it will feel heavier on your finger than gold. Platinum doesn't tarnish and is very durable, making it highly sought after for rings.


The Silver Lining


Silver is a softer metal, usually combined with another metal to form an alloy which allows it to be more durable. Rings set in silver have traditionally been heirloom quality as they last for generations. They do tend to tarnish due to oxidation but clean up like new. Silver is one of the more affordable metals but isn’t recommended to much to hold gemstones owing to its softness. 

Celebrating Anniversaries with Gifts of Love


There's no right or wrong way to choose a gemstone ring or any other gift for your anniversary. Here are some traditional--and not so traditional--anniversary gift ideas that you can choose from to celebrate your special day.


On your first anniversary


Your first anniversary tells your partner that your honeymoon isn't over and that you want to say "I love you" again. Some will love a gift certificate from Jacobs the Jewellers to spend how they like, perfect for any anniversary milestone. If you want a traditional gift, exchange something gold. Gold jewellery celebrates durability and is also used to celebrate 50th anniversaries. Try a 10ct gold gemstone ring in the month you married, perhaps saving the 18ct gold for your 50th.


On your fifth-anniversary


Wood is the traditional fifth-anniversary gift. It means that your marriage is solid. Many couples celebrate by putting their wedding picture in a personalized wooden photo frame or plaque. For the non-traditional anniversary gift, you can't go wrong with silver. Silver means that you value your relationship. Another good choice is the sapphire. It depicts truth and loyalty, and its blue beauty looks good on just about everyone.


On your tenth anniversary


Consider a diamond eternity ring for your tenth anniversary. Rubies symbolise your passion for each other and are perfect for your fifteenth and fortieth anniversaries together.


On your twentieth anniversary


After a couple of decades, married love tends to become more settled. Celebrate your twentieth anniversary with an emerald gemstone ring. The green beauty of emerald jewellery brings to mind springtime, good health, and renewal.


On your twenty-fifth anniversary


Your twenty-fifth anniversary marks a quarter of a century that you've shared your life and love together. Your silver jubilee represents a harmonious marriage that has staying power. Silver jewellery like lockets or gemstone silver rings is timeless expressions of love.


On your thirtieth and thirty-fifth anniversary


Cultured pearls mark your thirtieth anniversary together. They can take months, even years to grow before harvesting. They are the perfect representation of a shared love that has weathered the hills and valleys of life as you've grown together. Your thirty-fifth anniversary also represents your enduring commitment and love. Celebrate that love with platinum jewellery.


On your 50th, 60th and 70th anniversaries and beyond


Your fiftieth anniversary is your golden anniversary. Gold doesn't tarnish and is a timeless expression of your love for each other. When one thinks of the milestone anniversary, your 50th is usually the first that comes to mind. It says to the world that your love has been tested and passed, you have grown together through life. You've prospered. You've become strong and wise as a couple. All subsequent anniversaries, your 60th, to your 75th, and beyond are cut strong and brilliant like diamonds.


Finding Just The Right Gemstone Ring


Cherish your anniversary with a gemstone ring as just a natural extension of the promises made by your giving of engagement and wedding rings. Finding the right ring is a matter of personality, intention and what you want to say to each other about the years you've been married. Contact us, we can help you find the most exquisite anniversary gemstone ring for your special day.