But, as with any gathering, finding the right wedding ring, in particular, is the most crucial task to take - after all, it's one of the few treasures from the day you'll always physically have. So, read through this blog a few wedding ring suggestions from Reading jewellers.


Minding the Most Important Detail for the Perfect Wedding


Finding the right venue to fit. Setting the ideal wedding date. Choosing the best wedding ring. 


As with any occasion, proper preparation is the key to a successful wedding.  But, finding the right marriage band to match the engagement ring is paramount.


Wedding rings represent the bride and groom's vow towards one another. So, it is only fitting that these rings are chosen with the utmost consideration. But, how should the groom determine the right ring for the bride? Here are a few tips from Berkshire jewellers.


Bespoke Jewellery to Complement the Engagement Ring


Now, couples may opt for bespoke wedding rings to exemplify their bond. But, it would be ideal to choose a ring that best complements the bride’s engagement band. For those who are unsure what ring design to choose, here are a few tips for the best engagement ring and marriage band pairing.


Rings for Halo Shaped Engagement Rings


One of the most popular engagement band designs is halo shaped rings. These eye-catching pieces are sure to catch attention. So, it would be best to choose an equally appealing marriage band to complement the betrothal ring.


The platinum diamond half eternity ring is an ideal partner to any halo shaped ring. Its round, brilliant cut diamonds with a channel setting further enhances the beauty of the overall jewellery set. Thus, making this ring design ideal for the halo engagement band.


Rings for Two-Stone Engagement Rings


The two stone engagement ring is quickly becoming one of the most popular engagement ring styles [Underwoods]. Its twisting accents and prominent twin gemstone centres incorporate many elegant elements. But, because of the intricate designs involved, it is best to represent one design element for the marriage ring.


This ring has brilliant cut diamonds on a claw setting with a simple yellow gold metal band. So, the 4mm Court Band would be the best partner for this ring. The court band is an eighteen-carat yellow gold piece that accentuates the two stone engagement ring without overshadowing the design.


Rings for Solitaire Engagement Rings


A solitaire engagement ring is a piece of jewellery with a single yet prominent diamond gemstone [GIA]. Due to its elegant and classic design, it is best paired with intricate marriage rings. Marriage rings millegrain edging, such as the platinum diamond shaped band, would pair well with this type of engagement ring. It expresses great beauty without overpowering the overall theme.


Find Elegant Wedding Rings from Berkshire Jewellers


Weddings are momentous occasions that celebrate friendship, loyalty and a lasting promise of the eternal bond between the couple. This event is truly one to behold so, wouldn’t it be wonderful to have custom wedding rings to highlight the gathering?


So, contact trusted Reading jewellers today. They have a wide selection of jewellery and offer the bespoke ring to further make the wedding a moment to forever cherish.




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