Recently, a married couple in Michigan became famous all over the Internet because of their ingenious wedding ring. A photo that circulated around the web showed the inside of a man’s wedding ring, inscribed with the words “Put it back on”. The inscription, the man said, was his wife’s idea. Whilst some may dismiss it as too possessive, her husband actually appreciated the inscription, which may have contributed to their strong marriage for five years and counting.

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In a world where words and images disappear as quickly as they appear, wedding rings engraved with meaningful words of love is one of the many ways soon-to-be-wed couples can hold on to their promise of loving one another. Like the aforementioned example, it doesn’t have to be too saccharine or too cheesy, as long as the words engraved on your rings mean something significant for both of you.

Why have your rings engraved?

If you haven’t considered engraving your wedding ring, now is the time to do so. The significance of engraving may vary from one couple to another, but the main reasons are the same. First, engraving makes wedding rings extremely personal and intimate to a couple, as other people rarely know the message your rings contain. Also, engraved messages can also serve as a reminder for the groom on their wedding anniversary.

It is recommended for soon-to-be-wed couples to have their rings engraved before the wedding, or whilst their rings are being made. Most jewellers, however, can accommodate rings from married couples who wish to have theirs engraved.

Some ideas to consider

Typically, couples would have their rings engraved with their partner’s names or nicknames, their wedding date, and even a memorable romantic line. Aside from these, you can also have the title of your first dance, a romantic phrase in a foreign language, short love notes, or even an extract from your wedding vows engraved into your wedding ring. There’s nothing short of ideas for phrases you can permanently embed into the inside of your wedding bands, especially if you’ve gone through a lot together.

Today, some couples are doing away with the traditional messages and are opting for more adventurous and quirky messages for their significant other, including the one mentioned earlier. There’s no harm with that, jewellers will tell you, as long as you opt for something that’s meaningful, romantic, and can last forever.

After choosing the perfect wedding ring with your future spouse, you can have them engraved beautifully by traditional hand engravers, especially when you get an exquisite wedding rings from Reading jewellers like Jacobs.


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