Modern women, however, are now looking for something different. Some would dismiss diamond rings as a little too classic, while others might be put off by its costly price tag. That's why women of today are enamoured by rings embedded with coloured gemstones – the favoured betrothal gift among royal families.

Engagement rings as a statement on fashion, individuality

Jewellery experts believe that more women are wearing jewellery as a fashion statement rather than a simple accessory. With fine jewellers becoming more accessible, women can now wear fine jewellery at a young age. Some could even refine their tastes as they become well-versed with gemmology.

This shift to coloured gemstones also shows how more women are looking for unique and one-of-a-kind design. It's also a great way to express oneself, as colour can effectively reflect personality. More than these visual elements, coloured gemstones are renowned for its affordability.

Diamonds accentuate coloured gemstones

Even with the rising popularity of coloured gemstones, don't be so quick to dismiss diamonds. After all, this exquisite gemstone comes in different colours as well, including pink, blue, and yellow. Opt for coloured diamonds if your significant other wants something classy yet unique.

On the other hand, diamonds can accentuate the beauty of coloured gemstones. Don't be surprised, then, to find small bits of diamonds circling a beautifully-cut gemstone on a hand-crafted ring.

Choosing the hue

Unless you plan on choosing a ring with the birthstone of your significant other, you should pick a particular colour or hue that matches her fashion tastes. That way, you don't have to settle with a particular gem, only to be put off by its price.

You can also choose a colour based on its traditional meaning. Blue, for instance, stands for politeness and vigilance, while green represents childish delight and unfounded ambition. Yellow evokes generosity, while pink epitomises spiritual love. Once you've chosen a particular colour, you can then go through your choices of gemstones in that particular hue.

If you're after a ring that fits a modern woman, go for ones that feature a coloured gemstone. Let an expert jeweller, like those from Jacob's, lead you to the perfect ring for your significant other's discerning tastes.


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