Getting married in February yields an unexpected advantage. Some couples opt not to get married during this season since the winter holiday is ending, allowing some venues that were previously unavailable to be booked without much hassle.


Young couples looking to get married may learn more about this blog other great reasons why February is a lovely month to solidify your union.


February: A Month Filled with Love and Tenderness


February is known as the month of love. This is because Valentine’s Day falls on the 14th; which is widely regarded as the day of love.


In fact, historical records show that during the Middle Ages, couples recited verse or prose to one another in honour of this day. It is truly a romantic gesture.


Another reason couple should get married February is its weather. Unlike other seasons, the ending days of February offer delightful weather that is neither too chilly nor too warm.


Indeed, this month is one of the ideal times to get married. But before deciding upon the wedding date, it is time to choose the right wedding band or ring for you and your significant other.


Unparalleled Beauty in Platinum Diamond Wedding Bands


Wedding rings symbolise the eternal bond between two souls. It signifies a couple’s devotion to one another. And there are many wedding ring options to choose from.


Luxury in Wedding Band with Millegrain Edging


Platinum Diamond Shaped Band


For couples looking to have luxurious weddings, Reading Jewellers suggest a beautiful Platinum Diamond Band. It is a diamond set band with brilliant diamonds and showcases a masterful millegrain edging.


You can see its meticulously crafted set diamond stones perfectly rest upon the lovely platinum band. It is a style reminiscent of the late Edwardian Era, a time when grandeur was prevalent in British manor houses.


Eternal Promise with the Platinum Eternity Ring


Platinum Diamond Half Eternity Ring


This stunning platinum eternity ring is made of brilliant-cut gemstones in a channel setting. Its glamorous style emphasises the perfectly lined diamond gems.


This ring is ideal for young loves who wish for a glamorous wedding and are looking forward to a fruitful future.


Solemn vows with the Court Diamond Band


2mm court diamond set band


The court diamond band truly defines itself from the rest. Rather than the gemstones being clustered together, its diamond stones are set in engraved diagonal lines around the band.


It is an elegant yet solemn piece of jewellery that matches a couple looking to commit themselves in holy matrimony.


Choose Wedding Ring Picks from Jacobs the Jewellers this February


February is the month of love and caring. The season offers rather pleasant weather conditions compared to the rest of winter. This month makes it one of the ideal seasons to pledge eternal loyalty to your significant other.


To commemorate this union, here in Jacobs, we offer many choices of elegant wedding rings that may fit the couple’s preference. Contact us today for inquiries regarding our February wedding band picks.




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