When you’re shopping at your local jeweller like Jacobs, your eye would probably go for the wide variety of diamond rings in Reading on display. After all, it’s a tradition to go with diamond as the gemstone of choice for engagement rings. There is room for choosing an alternative though, and other gemstones could also look quite lovely as rings—one such stone is opal.


A Kaleidoscope of Beauty

Though diamonds are considered as one of the most beautiful gemstones available on the market, other stones can match its beauty. Take opal, for example, wherein the main quality that sets it apart from other gemstones is the fact that it can reflect a multitude of colours. In the proper light, an opal can display all of the colours of the rainbow. This has earned opal the title of “Queen of the Gemstones”, though not all opals display this quality. This colour-changing attribute is the result of small spheres of silica inside the gem, refracting the light like a prism.

Be Inspired 

It’s not just the beauty of opal that will make it an excellent stone for your ring. Opals have a wealth of history and myth behind them. For example, many people believe in the healing properties of opals. They feel that wearing it helps a person deal with depression, with its varying colours reflecting the wealth of emotions that a person can have. Another belief about opal is that it can help enhance the positive traits of anyone born under the Zodiac sign of Cancer. In fact, this can make opal an ideal gem if your beloved was born under that astrological sign. Opals are also believed to symbolise love, passion, as well as lightness and creativity.

Choosing the Right Opal Ring

If you’ve decided that you’ll be buying an opal ring, there are some things you’ll need to keep in mind though. First, consider a rub-over bezel setting for the opal. Opals are not as durable as diamonds or other gemstones and this setting gives it additional protection. Maybe a lower cabochon opal so that the stone is better protected? High cabochon stones are more exposed, making them prone to damage. We would also take the time to discuss your lifestyle to ensure you choose with assurance and confidence. 

Present It with Confidence

Opals are wonderful gemstones that catch the eye with their one-of-a-kind sparkle. With opal in your chosen ring, it’s sure to captivate—not only because of the stone’s beauty, but because of your dedication in looking for something out of the ordinary.

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