Elizabeth Taylor was an enormous and public devotee of Bulgari jewellery. Richard Burton famously quoted "the only Italian word Elizabeth knows is
Bulgari". So what is it about Bulgari that makes them so special and sought after?


Bulgari is a jewellery brand with a long and illustrious history; founded over 125 years ago. Although they are an Italian jewellery brand, their founder was Greek and the brand's name 'Bulgari' derives from his name - Sotirios Voulgaris.  Bulgari's Greek roots can often be seen in its designs. Bulgari was owned by the Bulgari family until 2011 when it was taken over by LVMH. The Bulgari family sold it in exchange for a 3% share in the LVMH company. 

Bulgari say that their designs balance 'classicism and modern evolutions' - they are loyal to the history of their designs, while still creating modern and fashionable new pieces. Their jewellery designs are distinctive and instantly recognised - and many of their design families feature coloured gemstones, usually sapphires of different colours. The pieces in their 'Parentisi' collection playfully combine different, yet complimentary, shades of sapphires to create stunning cocktail jewellery. Bulgari have also been known to use more unusual materials in their jewellery - for example, in their 1990's collection 'Chandra' they used white porcelain. The porcelain was carved and then combined with gold and precious gemstones. Bulgari have a very distinctive way of using coloured gemstones in new and challenging ways. 

We're proud to have been agents for Bulgari for almost 10 years, you can see a selection of their iconic designs jewellery and watch designs here.