Remember the elation and euphoria you felt after wearing your wedding rings for the first time? Reaching a year or more as a married couple should evoke the same feelings, and should be reason enough for celebration.

Typically, certain objects are considered symbolic, depending on how long you’ve been together. For instance, clocks and paper are perfect for those celebrating their first anniversary. Modern couples, however, choose to celebrate their anniversaries by getting special rings.

Think rings are the perfect way to commemorate your anniversary? Make it more special by taking these considerations into account.

Years Matter

Certain metals are deemed appropriate for certain years. Gold, in particular, is the most fitting way of celebrating your first anniversary. In celebrating five years of marriage, on the other hand, sapphires are the traditional choice. Diamonds, of course, are the perfect gift to celebrate a decade of marriage.

Tradition calls for certain gifts for certain years, but there’s absolutely no reason for you not to think out of the box. Use these suggestions and take the risk of putting your own spin. For a truly special and surprising gift, present a ring during an “off” anniversary (fourth, sixth, or so).

Gestures Matter

For married couples, even the smallest things can make the biggest impact. Try adding a personalised touch on your anniversary ring to make the gift even more special. Perhaps have the ring engraved with an inside joke or a meaningful phrase.

Of course, you can also wish to go all out and surprise your spouse with a luxurious gemstone. This is perfect especially for landmark anniversaries (i.e. marking decades of a marriage).

Find a Matching Design

When it comes to its design, the anniversary ring should have a similar to that of your spouse’s engagement and wedding rings. This way, your spouse could wear all three rings on the same finger. Simple wedding bands, for instance, call for an anniversary band with more embellishments. For wedding bands with precious gems, you can get an anniversary band with a similar design but with different gems.

Married couples deserve to celebrate their anniversary in style and in the most memorable way possible. Rings, in particular, are the perfect way to mark the years you’ve spent together with your spouse. Find the perfect anniversary ring with the help of expert jewellers, like those from Jacob’s.


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