Men’s jewellery can be often limited and subtle in style. In fact, most men only wear up to 3 pieces of jewellery. These are watches, cufflinks, and, if they are married, a wedding band [Business Insider]. Cufflinks, in particular, evoke a sense of professionalism if correctly paired with your wedding ring.


However, due to the limited jewellery options, how can you find the right cufflink to match your jewellery? Let Reading jewellery experts guide you which cufflink styles complement your ring.


Wedding Bands and Cufflinks – Groomed to Perfection


Cufflinks are often used as an alternative to buttons. Traditionally, these pieces were worn for formal and black tie events. However, some prefer to wear it as part of their casual attire nowadays.


Same as with any jewellery, matching your cufflinks with your ring holds a degree of importance. Ideally, cufflinks should complement the metal band. For example, silver-tone cufflinks work best with polished rings.


Wearing the correct jewellery paring can help bring out an air of sophistication and class from your attire. So, let us explore more cufflink and ring pairing to find out which styles fit you.


Matching Cufflinks to your Wedding Ensemble


Cufflinks are one of the best additions you can have with your attire. It is timeless and versatile. That is why Deakin & Francis offers an extensive selection of cufflink options fit for your wedding ring. Expert jewellers recommend these jewellery pairings from their extensive collection.


Royal Blue Cufflinks and Gold Flat Court Bands

Royal and Denim Blue Enamel Cufflinks 6mm Flat Court Band

A bright, yellow gold flat court band pairs well with royal blue cufflinks. This partnership of a flat, gold court band and royal blue cufflink displays an air of power and established status.


Gold rings are warmer and go well with deep hues such as royal blue. This pair of Royal and Denim Blue Enamel Cufflinks help bring out the best qualities of the 6mm Flat Court Band. This style can typically be seen in individuals with established authority such as bank managers and department heads.


Titanium Cufflinks and D-shaped Rings

Titanium Cufflinks 6mm D-Shaped Wedding Band

This brushed titanium cufflink best pairs with heavy eye-catching wedding rings. The bright d-shaped court band becomes the highlight of attire due to the subtle titanium cufflink.


Heavy wide D-shaped rings are a traditional marriage band option for both men and women. This ring's rounded shape exterior is more comfortable than rings with smooth surfaces. However, this piece of jewellery can be extrovert, especially with yellow gold bands. That is why it is best to pair this ring with subtle cufflinks to make it stand out.


This pair of square-shaped Titanium Cufflinks was crafted to have a brushed metal finish. It is best worn with the 6mm D-shaped Wedding Band. The ring’s 18ct, yellow gold finish is an iconic piece of jewellery which can be further highlighted with the titanium cufflinks. Thus, creating the perfect blend of loud yet subtle styles.


Onyx Cufflinks and 2mm Court Band

Onyx Cufflinks 2mm Court Band

Quiet yet professional is what best describes this onyx cufflinks and platinum court band pair. The onyx domed cufflinks and platinum band jewellery pair helps build a classy and sophisticated style perfect for young professionals.


Many young and married professionals prefer sleek but subtle matrimonial rings. As a result, some opt for smaller, 2mm to 4mm wide platinum rings.


This pair of Sterling silver Onyx Cufflinks pairs best with the platinum 2mm Court Band. The oval dome onyx stones with domed oval spring fittings signal a neutral demeanour. These are the preferred jewellery combination of young business executives.


Polish Up Your Wedding Day Look with the Finest Jewellery


In today’s society, sending subtle signals can help build trust, authority, and connections. So, portray the right message and wear the most stunning attire for the occasion.


Find the best Deakin & Francis Cufflinks to match your Berkshire wedding band from Reading jewellers today.




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