The fashionable use the wristwatch to complete an ensemble for its convenience. It is easier to adjust a shirt sleeve to read the time than it is to search for a suit pocket for a smartphone. The visual act of checking a wristwatch presents a nostalgic feeling of luxury, as well. Watches are also reliable, with their simple technology that rarely fails. 

A gentleman is always on time when he completes his outfit with a simple watch, and the lady's outfit feels complete. The dressed to impress also understand that many occasions require a watch to match the corresponding dress or even mood! This is why a collection of watches can be very helpful.


Bremont: The Right Watch at the Right Time

Choosing the right watch for the right occasion is as important as wearing the right outfit. As previously explained, the wristwatch can be part of an outfit or reflect a mood and stands out as a beautiful piece of art on the wrist. Wearing the right watch expresses the sophistication of the wearer who is mindful of every piece of his appearance. The right watch matches the event as well as the outerwear while remaining a reliable timepiece. 

Dress watches, for the most formal events, presents only a face that tells time. The diver's watch, suitable for water sports, includes glow in the dark hands for underwater viewing. Sports watches can accompany the wearer onto the playing field, and often include extras such as timers or compasses. Field watches stay durable on the hunt, while pilot watches include larger faces for easier reading and use while in the air. 

This variety of wristwatches is only the beginning of the choices available. Arriving prepared for anything, with equipment that won't fail, is the reason why the well-prepared not only know about these options but may own at least one in each style. Wearing a wristwatch at all times, no matter the occasion helps maintain a lady's, or the gentleman's, hard-earned reputation. 


The Bremont Difference

Those in-the-know choose discerning watch companies, such as Bremont, a wonderful British watch company. Begun in 2002 by two brothers, this company gains its name from an astute French gentleman who helped the brothers when their biplane had an emergency landing in his field. Nick and Giles English, who are obsessed with mechanics and aircraft, named their company after the kind Frenchman. 

Their goal was to create the world's most elegant pilot's watches with the best possible accuracy in telling time. Pairing a love of historic aircraft with the utmost quality, they created a luxury watch unparalleled in the existing market. Their passion is reflected in each wristwatch, as they are all created in their father's loving memory, who passed away in an aircraft accident. Each timepiece is chronometer rated and backed by a unique three-year warranty. 

Durable, reliable and precise to the millisecond, Bremont watches are built by hand. Wearers of these watches showcase an innate knowledge of mastery, innovation, and rare luxury. These contemporary watches stand out even among vintage circles for their rarity, handmade mastery, precision, and personal touching backstory.


Bremont Watches On Parade


The Bremont ALT1-C/PB

Bremont ALT1-C/PB

Class and style radiate from the Bremont ALT1-C/PB. This 43mm circular classic includes hardened, polished stainless steel construction, patented as the Bremont Trip-Tick technology. It includes a scratch-resistant DLC treated case barrel with treated steel hands and a black dial, including luminosity. The bourgeoisie prefers the automatic chronometer movement for its 42-hour power reserve. The black leather strap includes a pin buckle and pairs beautifully with a suit or flying jacket. This watch is water-resistant to 10 ATM and 100 metres and includes the Bremont 3 year international guarantee, genuine papers, and box.

This watch is worn to turn heads and make an impression. Its detailed band combined with a simple-to-read face presents a touch of class with a deep sense of style. This watch pairs well with a variety of jackets, from suits to leather.


The Bremont Solo/WH

Bremont Solo/WH

The sleek look of the Bremont Solo/WH is enhanced by its 43mm hardened stainless steel construction case, enhanced by the Bremont Trip-Tick technology. The PVD treated case barrel is scratch resistant. The black metal dial includes a variety of ground colours with nickel hands coated by SuperLumiNova coating and an automatic chronometer movement. The smooth leather black strap includes a pin buckle for that poised, completed look and feel. This watch is water-resistant up to 10 ATM, or 100 meters. The 3-year international guarantee is included along with the Bremont genuine papers and box. 

This watch is worn for its simplicity and easy-to-read face. The luminescent hands allow for reading in low light situations, such as at the theatre or during a dimly lit meal. The smooth design pairs with polos or casual occasions, where a wearer is more at ease with his surroundings.


Bremont 1918 Limited Edition

Bremont 1918 limited edition watch

The distinguished crowd wears this watch for its rare value. At only 75 handcrafted pieces available, this piece will turn heads every time. The 18 karat rose gold colour will draw immediate attention, while the black chronograph dial and moon phase aperture will communicate his sophistication. A watch enthusiast wears this watch when trying to impress others, from the boardroom to an important evening meeting. The flash of the gold paired with the knowledge of the Bremont name will turn heads every time.


Bremont SOLO-34/LC-WH

Bremont SOLO-34/LC-WH

An alligator strap in navy blue and a 42-hour power reserve are only the beginning of this stunning timepiece. Wearers feel elegant and light with the Bremont SOLO-34/LC-WH, which includes BE-92AV automatic movement within a stainless steel case. The watch is created with Bremont's Trip-Tick construction and SOLO-34 steel casing. A sapphire crystal face is treated with anti-reflective coating, increasing ease of use. It is also resistant to water up to 10 ATM, or 100 metres. This watch adorns the wrist of the impeccably dressed, rounding out the outfit with a subtle, yet charming, compliment to its wearer.


Capture the Bremont Experience


The Bremont watch is elegant without being too bold; classy without being too pretentious. Wearing this amazing piece loans more to the wearer than just telling time. This piece of practical jewellery is an experience. Gain the full pleasure of wearing these wonderfully crafted, truly unique timepieces by following five basic wristwatch wearing considerations.


1. Formality for Formality

Make sure the formality of the event matches the formality of the Bremont watch. Strap watches are ideal for a black-tie like the  Bremont 1918 Limited Edition.


2. Match Colour

Match the wristband colour to the rest of the outfit. An evening in a tuxedo needs the solid black of the Bermont Solo/WH, while a dinner out after a day on the water pairs well with the rose gold of the Bremont 1918 Limited Edition. Always remember that the watch is part of the outfit, always matching the clothes and the shoes in style and colour.


3. Keep Size Reasonable

Oversized watches are not always a good idea. They could take over the outfit, drawing too much attention to a piece that should be discreetly admired. The Bremont watches rest comfortably on the wrist at a sensible 43 millimetres diameter, creating a delicately bold piece that doesn't overwhelm. Try the watch against the wrist before purchase to ensure it does not take over the complete look. 


4. Switch the Look

Spice it up with variety! Wear a different Bremont watch every day to keep outfits fresh, and to ensure the watch always matches the look. Switching watches also helps ensure the longevity of the piece, ensuring that there will always be a watch available for every occasion.


5. When the Bling doesn’t ring

Keeping the bling at a minimum is easy with the Bremont watch collection, perfect for discrete style and subtle statements.


Find Bremont Watches in Jacobs the Jewellers

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