Tip #1: Do Some Browsing Before Choosing Your Ring


You're set on a custom wedding band. Perhaps you have a unique style that you want to show off, or maybe you want to be able to say that you have a piece of jewellery unlike any other. Before you dive into the design process, however, take the time to look at what's already available on the market. Sometimes, you may discover that you fall in love with a specific type of design: that you adore a specific style of ring, or a specific thickness, or a certain type of metal. Other times, you'll just get great ideas that will help shape your final ring choice. The more time you spend browsing, whether you head into jewellery stores to check them out ahead of time or you prefer to look online, the better the idea you'll have of exactly what you want.


If you're choosing a wedding band to go with your engagement ring, this step is particularly important. You might have a great imagination and be able to picture in your mind exactly what your wedding band will look like with your engagement ring, but trying on a few options will give you a better idea of exactly what looks best with your specific ring. You do, of course, have the option to wear your engagement ring on your other hand or to make alterations to make it match your wedding band, but by customizing your wedding band to go with your existing ring, you can show both off to full advantage.


Tip #2: Choose a Reputable, Trusted Jeweller


When you design your ring, you want to get exactly what you're imagining. Not only that, you want to be sure that it's a high-quality piece that reflects exactly what you want. Choose a jeweller that has extensive experience in designing custom wedding bands. Ask to see some of their past work so that you can be sure that they have experience working with ring designs like yours. Take the time to get to know a potential jeweller. Make sure their process agrees with your idea of how it should work. For example, jewellers ought to allow you to see a mould of your custom piece before it's finished, and check about changes to the piece once the design has been decided. Take the time to carefully talk with your jeweller about their process and make sure that you'll get the gorgeous custom piece you're hoping for.


Tip #3: Know Your Budget Ahead of Time


You and your future spouse have a lot of expenses coming up, from the wedding itself to your honeymoon--and then there are all the little expenses associated with combining your households or moving into a new place together. Getting married can be as expensive or as inexpensive as you want it to be--and designing a custom wedding ring is little different. Before you start designing your ring, make sure you understand your budget. Discuss with your spouse exactly how much you can afford to spend on both of your rings. Clarify how flexible you are able to be when you choose your diamond or your band.


Ultimately, your budget will determine the bespoke wedding band that you can afford. You want to choose a wedding band that is perfect for you--one that reflects the love between you and your spouse as it grows every day--but you also want to be sure that your wedding band fits into your budget. This isn't the time to go above your budget and create increased debt early in your marriage. By discussing your budget ahead of time, you can better keep your ring design within reason and ensure that you don't fall in love with something you simply can't afford.


Tip #4: Be Practical


There are a lot of people--ladies, in particular--who fall in love with an extravagant wedding ring design, only to discover that it isn't practical in their everyday lives. Think through what you do with your hands every day. Ladies, do you need a wedding ring that will stand alone when you don't want to wear your engagement ring? Nurses, for example, may find that they're unable to wear an engagement ring with sharp prongs or a large diamond on a daily basis. Does your ring fit with your lifestyle? Do you need a practical ring made of specific materials that will allow you to participate in sporting activities or other high-intensity activities? While it's perfectly fine to have a gorgeous bespoke ring that you wear for formal events and a simpler ring for everyday use, you'll want to think through those decisions as you're creating your ring's design so that you aren't surprised by them later.


Tip #5: Choose the Right Metal for Your Band


When you design your wedding band, you want to be sure that you choose the right metal. Ask these key questions:

  • Are you happy to match the metal of your ring with your existing engagement ring, if you have one? This is the normal route brides travel.
  • Do you prefer silver or gold jewellery? For women, this might include the colour of jewellry you're most likely to wear, if you want your wedding band to match.
  • Do you want a traditional ring style? Gold is, in general, considered the traditional colour for wedding bands.
  • Are you looking for a wedding ring that is more durable? Platinum has become an increasingly popular choice for many couples who want a more durable option for their bands.
  • Do you want your band to match your spouse's? For some couples, this doesn't matter. Other couples want their bands to look alike or to fit well together. It's all up to you!


Tip #6: Leave Plenty of Time


If you want a custom, bespoke wedding band, this is not an item to leave until right before the wedding. You can't just dash out and quickly take care of your bespoke wedding ring a few days before the wedding! Instead, start the process several weeks before your wedding. Ideally, you need to leave at least a couple of months to design your ring, talk with your jeweller, and pick out the perfect design. Remember, this is the ring you will wear for the rest of your life. You want to leave time to get it exactly right!


Tip #7: Think About Your Cut


Many people--men and women alike--now choose to add a diamond (or several) to their wedding bands. Diamonds add a little bit of sparkle and help commemorate the most important bond in your life. If you really want that bright sparkle, the cut matters! Take the time to research different cuts to learn which one will give you the sparkle and clarity you want. You should also consider the size of your diamond carefully. If your budget is tight, going down just a little bit from your preferred carat size will help you save a considerable amount on your custom ring. Ideally, you should have an idea of the cut and carat you want before you go in for your appointment--but if you aren't sure exactly what you want yet, your designer can help you better understand these key elements of your ring. Matching the wedding band to your engagement ring as a complementary pair is essential!


Tip #8: Listen to Your Designer


Remember, you started with a designer that you knew you could trust as well as a general idea of what you wanted your ring to look like. As you move through the design process, make sure that you listen carefully to your designer. They have a great deal of experience in the industry and have put together many rings for many other couples. By listening to them, you can take advantage of all of that experience, improving the design and practicality of your ring as well as helping you design a piece that will stand the test of time. If you're stuck or struggling for inspiration, your designer may be able to help with great suggestions that will help shape the design of your ring. If your ring design just isn't working or you're struggling with something that just isn't working according to plan, your designer can help provide that extra bit of advice that will get you to the ring of your dreams.


At Jacobs the Jewellers, we are dedicated to providing high-quality customer service as we design bespoke rings for a variety of occasions. Do  you want a wedding band that reflects the unique bond between you and your spouse? Are you looking for something special? Contact us today to learn how our experienced staff can help you design the ring of your dreams--or, set up your first appointment so that you can start designing now. Your wedding band is a piece of jewellery that you will wear and love for a lifetime. Make it your own!