Some of us would even wear these pieces almost on a daily basis. But, this also exposes the ring or necklace to a tough environment. That’s why you should consider taking the time to care for your accessories.


Having said that, what could possibly be the reasons that causes these precious pieces to lost its lustre? Read more to find out about the common factors which can damage our jewellery and how to reduce its effects.


Tarnished Jewellery: What Makes It Happen?


When we prepare for a night out or when attending a prestigious event, we would often put on the finest smelling perfume. This type of practice can be the main cause of jewellery degradation. Chemicals and synthetic aromatics in the perfume can actually tarnish silver. It can also cause the pearl and gold pieces to fade as well.


The weather will also affect our jewellery. Items which are worn often, such as wedding rings, are constantly subjected to the harsh environment. The varying temperature and even our sweat due to the climate can quickly corrode these fine jewellery pieces.


So, if you wish to ensure that these precious accessories will retain its value, then follow our 5 tips to take care of your jewellery.


Top 5 Easy to Follow Jewellery Care Tips


After a long day, most of us would change our clothes, place our accessories in the jewellery box, and store it for later use. But, did you know that residue such as dust, perfume chemicals, and even sweat can degrade the item’s quality? So, here's what you are going to do if you want to bring back its sparkle and extend its life span.


Apply Your Cosmetics First


Lotions, body sprays, and perfumes contain chemicals which will damage the metal [Jewelers Mutual]. So, it would be good practice to apply our cosmetics first before putting on the jewellery. This simple act can help prolong our jewellery’s lustre.


Check for Loose Gems and Bent Prongs/ Claws


Most high-quality pieces fit the stones tightly on the prongs or claws. But over time, several gemstones can become loose due to various environmental conditions. You can test the gem by putting your finger on it and gently turning the stone. If it is indeed loose, then it is highly recommended to seek out trusted jewellery expert to repair the item.


Use Specialised Cleaning Items


Dirt, oil, and chemicals can damage our precious jewellery pieces. But, using a specially formulated cleaning agent can revitalise the gemstones. In fact, cleaning brands, such as Connoisseurs®, offer a variety of jewellery cleansing products. These range from delicate jewellery cleaners, diamond dazzle sticks, and specific cleaning cloths. Consider using these items to maintain your rings after wearing it throughout the day.


Consult a Trusted Jeweller Regularly


Sometimes, we might not notice that there are already problems with our necklaces or brooches. This can lead to stones being accidentally dislodged; or worse, lost. Thus, it would be ideal to visit a jewellery expert at least once every 2 months to inspect the item. They can recommend solutions on how to take ensure that the item remains in pristine condition.


Insure Your Item


Rings, necklaces, and bracelets can be lost due to unexpected events. So, it is crucial that highly valuable jewellery should be insured. This way, your item will be covered by the insurance company in the unlikely event of the item being lost or misplaced.


Opt for Jewellery Services from Jacobs


Our precious adornments symbolise our status, holds great intrinsic value, and, most of all, finishes our look. So, keep these items as impeccable as possible.


Visit Jacobs the Jewellers shop today and ask our jewellers to take a look at your finest pieces.




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