Bespoke jewellery is an extraordinary gift to give to a spouse, lover, friend, or relative. They are thoughtful, beautiful gifts that express your love for them. These personalized, gorgeous pieces show that you appreciate the deep nurturing and unwavering support provided throughout the years


These one-of-a-kind items are custom-made. Your loved one will be the only person in the world to own this treasured item and will cherish for a lifetime. Jacobs the Jewellers creates outstanding bespoke jewellery for any occasion. Check out this comprehensive guide to learn more about the process we follow to create these timeless gifts.



The History of Bespoke Jewellery

Today's fashion conscious-customers have a growing interest in bespoke items. According to the Oxford English Dictionary, bespoke is an adjective that dates back to 1583. The term means "made to order." Customers commission designers to make these items from scratch using their preferred specifications.


The term, bespoke, was only used by the tailoring industry during the last 200 years. Chambers' Encyclopedia referred to the practice in an 1866 article. They said that the shoemaking trade could be divided into two areas: the bespoke and ready-made. Fifty years later, bespoke tailors created hand-stitched suits for clients on Saville Row, London's famous tailor district for gentlemen.


Up until a century ago, most jewellery items were commissioned pieces, including those produced for international royalty. Fifty years ago, the manufacturing and the retail industries changed this. Soon, jewellers started selling stock pieces they purchased from wholesalers. Today, almost every fashion business now offers bespoke services to their clientele.


Bespoke jewellery has surged in popularity during the past decade. It is no longer a luxury item only reserved for wealthy clientele. All of us can order these custom-made pieces for themselves or their loved ones - it’s just a question of when and how to!


Why Do Customers Choose Bespoke Items?


People commission custom, bespoke pieces for several reasons. First, bespoke jewellery allows customers to express their personal style. Although they may wear designer brands, they want to prefer some items tailored to their tastes. Recently, more men and women have purchased these customized items.


Another reason people purchase bespoke items is so that they know they have the only one in the world like this. In an era of mass consumerism, selecting an independent jeweller already marks you out as having made an ‘independent’ choice, so going the next step to make something from scratch showcases a client’s total immersion in their own imagination and creativity, style and taste.


Additionally, the bespoke process allows people to create jewellery that has personal meaning for them or someone close. Customers can change individual details of this piece, including selecting the stones, shapes (like hearts, knots, or symbols), and other details that have personal meaning for the wearer.


Five Classes of Customised Bespoke Jewellery


Many jewellery businesses claim that they now offer bespoke pieces at these shops. Some cleverly market items as bespoke to draw in customers since these fashionable items have skyrocketed in popularity. It’s important to us as trusted jewellers that clients understand the differences.


Not all bespoke items are quality, hand-crafted pieces made to order. There are five different classes that some designers market as bespoke jewellery.

  • Customizable Jewellery – Technically, these pieces aren't bespoke items, although some businesses may claim that they are. Jewellers don't make these pieces for one customer, nor do they use a hand-drawn design. These customisable jewels are pre-made stock items created by a wholesaler. The business makes small alterations to make the item a unique one for the customer. For example, they may use different gems or settings instead of the standard ones.
  • Bespoke Assembly – The jeweller provides series of pre-manufactured parts that can be assembled by a goldsmith to a customer's specifications. For example, they can select gemstones or ring profiles to use for the finished pieces.
  • CAD Designed Bespoke Jewellery - A company uses a computer-aided drawing (CAD) system to create a new design for the customers. Some illustrations are hand-drawn from scratch and rendered, so they look like the finished product. Other businesses place pre-drawn parts into the CAD software to create the finished piece. The jewellery design's quality can also depend on the skill of the CAD operator.
  • Handmade Bespoke Jewellery – These customized pieces are fully handmade, from the start to the end by goldsmiths. Some experts use precious metal grains to make these items, which they turn finished jewellery. Other professionals build these objects from bullion. They construct wax moulds to create this jewellery. Customers should only hire experienced goldsmiths to produce these pieces.
  • Bespoke Design Services - Jewellery businesses who provide this service have in-house professional and qualified designers that consult with customers. The professional and trained designer suggests suitable designs for bespoke pieces. He or she creates several illustrations, then adds artistic elements that enhance the finished piece's quality and beauty. The designer doesn't produce the finished piece. Instead, the jewellery business submits the mock-up illustrations to a goldsmith either in-house or externally, sometimes using specialised skills for specific detail - like enamelling for example.


Jacobs provides all these services with Ciara, our in house designer with Gavin and Sarah, our goldsmiths.   


Our Bespoke Design Process


Customers have turned to Jacobs the Jewellers for amazing jewellery since we first opened our doors in 1948 on Kings Road in Reading. Today, our award-winning business creates amazing bespoke jewellery designs.


Unlike other jewellers, Jacobs the Jewellers has an experienced, in-house designer and goldsmith to create all bespoke pieces. Ciara, our on-site professional, has created lovely engagement rings and other pieces to commemorate a wide array of occasions such as anniversaries, birthdays, or other celebrations.


Our business carefully controls the design process from beginning to end. We consult with you on every step of the design process, so you are satisfied with the final results of your beautiful bespoke piece. Jacob the Jewellers has an outstanding portfolio of commissioned bespoke pieces that we've created for customers. You can view our handcrafted designs on this page.


Here is the design process that we follow to create our bespoke pieces.

  • Initial Consultation – During this meeting, you will meet with Ciara. You should have an idea about the inspiration for your project and the jewellery you want. We'll ask you what materials you want to use in the piece. You can tell our professional how you will wear this masterpiece in the future. We'll use recycled gemstones if you have environmental concerns or inherited pieces. Additionally, she will ask if you'd like a wax, resin, or metal model of the final product. Finally, Ciara will ask you for your budget and the deadline for your project.
  • Hand-Drawn Jewellery Sketches – Sometimes Ciara will create several, quick sketches of your jewellery design or maybe some computer ‘mood boards’. During consultation, you'll get to examine these illustrations. Additionally, she will give an indicative range price for you to approve. Jacobs the Jewellers won't charge you anything at this stage until you give us final approval to proceed with the project.
  • Full-Design Phase – After you're happy with the indicative range for the product, we will create the full jewellery design. We treat every project as unique and important. Next, we will create photo-realistic images of the final design piece using computer-aided design. At this stage, we can make wax or metal models or your design for you. There is a £75 fee for this service which is deductible when you proceed with the full make-up.
  • Design Sign-Off Phase – We will schedule a follow-up consultation. At this meeting, you'll receive accurate drawings. Ciara will get your approval of the piece. She will ask if you want any changes to be made to the design. After you give feedback, we'll fine-tune the drawings. Ciara may make another wax, resin, or metal model or the pre-final model. You'll get to examine the photo-realistic images or illustrations of the piece. After incorporating these alterations, you'll get to sign off to create the jewellery.
  • Make -Up Phase– Once the designs have been signed off, your items will be created. The typical time frame to finish the piece is three to six weeks. During this time, we'll contact you about every phase of the process. You'll receive frequent updates by phone or email. We'll provide clear explanations about your project's progress. We do this to assure our customers that their commissioned pieces are in excellent, responsible hands.


Jacobs the Jewellers is committed to providing our clientele with beautiful bespoke rings and jewellery for special holidays. Are you're searching for a special, custom-made item to honour your loved one? Do you need a gorgeous item that she will cherish forever? Our professional team can create an exquisite, customized item that will become your beloved one’s favourite piece of jewellery.


Contact our experienced staff today to learn how we can help you design the perfect piece of jewellery for your beloved. Or you can schedule an appointment with Ciara, to help you design a lovely ring today. Your beloved deserves the very best during this very special holiday.