Fathers are often the unsung heroes of our lives. They constitute one of the pillars in a productive society, providing us with love and affection, guidance and support. So, why not show appreciation for the most important man in your life by giving gifts this season?


Learn more on this blog about 3 excellent father’s day gift ideas from Reading jewellery experts.


Finding a Perfect Father's Day Gift that Matches His Personality


There is a myriad of viable gifts that you can choose in stores. It can be shoes, ties, handkerchiefs, or personalised gift items. But, experts recommend timeless and practical presents which can be part of their daily attire.


Most men often dislike flashy décor and ornaments for their clothing. In fact, many would agree that there are only 3 pieces of jewellery which men wear. These are watches, cufflinks, and wedding bands.


Watches are an integral part of men’s fashion. These items are practical yet, can have customised options which expresses the wearer’s personality. Most established men have worn a watch as part of their daily attire. So, it would be ideal for gifts focus on enhancing this mechanical piece, such as a watch winder case.


Cufflinks are used in place of the traditional buttons in dress shirts. These stylish pieces have subtle designs and are often worn on special occasions. The ideal pair of cufflinks ideally complements a worn wedding ring.


However, finding the best cufflinks and watch winders can take time. So, for your convenience, Berkshire jewellers list their top three picks for the best Father's Day gifts.


Top 3 Practical Yet Stylish Father’s Day Gift Ideas


Men prefer practical gifts which can be part of their daily routine. Which is why Reading jewellers recommend these three jewellery and accessory gift ideas fit for everyday use.


Mother of Pearl Silver Cufflinks

Sterling Silver oval domed Mother of Pearl cufflinks

Loud but not flashy. These mother of pearl cufflinks will help his attire stand out while not being to elaborate. Perhaps, a pearl and Sterling silver cufflink could go well with attires that are meant for social gatherings.


A pair of Sterling Silver oval domed Mother of Pearl cufflinks highlights an oval domed Mother of Pearl with a spring fitting. This eye-catching design is best for those wearing silver or white gold wedding bands. Pairing it with a silver coloured ring prevents both accessories’ styles from clashing with one another.


Sterling Silver Circular Onyx Cufflinks

Sterling Silver circular Onyx cufflinks

A subtle masterpiece from Deakin and Francis, this onyx, and Sterling silver cufflinks will match any attire meant for formal gatherings. This onyx and silver cufflink is best worn for business meetings as it evokes an air of professionalism and indicates a no-nonsense personality.


This pair of Deakin and Francis Sterling Silver Circular Onyx Cufflinks showcases a diamond centre on an oval domed spring link fitting. A subtle yet elegant style, this pair is best used for formal attire and business meetings. It helps indicate that the wearer values professionalism above all else.


Limited Edition WOLF Cub Single Watch Winder

WOLF cub single watch winder

A masterpiece of engineering, this WOLF cub watch winder perfectly embodies the company’s dedication to their craft. This limited edition watch winder includes a white, red, & blue finish & white grosgrain faceplate and gold hardware finish.


The WOLF Company continues its pursuit of producing high-quality products which embody elegance and luxury. This Limited Edition British navigator WOLF cub single watch winder highlights this company’s dedication to their craft. Its meticulously engineered machinery, gold finished hardware, and single 1.8 module makes it one of the best single watch winders available. This is one of the best gifts for father’s this season.


Honour Dads with a Timeless Gift This Coming Fathers’ Day


Of course, these are just a few ideas for a great Father's Day gift. But, you know what they truly want. So, take a tour of Berkshire shops and give them a nice present that they could treasure for the rest of their lives. Find the best father’s day gifts in Berkshire jewellery shops today.




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