2024 marks the event’s 10th anniversary: it’s run each year in the past decade. Helping boost fledgling careers, the event combines online with instore experience reflecting the local and national audience for amazing craft skills and design. As is customary, each competitor creates both a piece from a jewellery and an object category.


Competitors’ entries and voting are visible at:


and instore at our shop, 25, King Street in Reading. 

Voting takes place between Thursday 6th June and Monday 17th June with the Mayor of Reading scheduled to visit on 18th June to view the competition and help announce the winners. Joining him and Adam Jacobs will be Chris Oliver, Head of Professional Training at The Goldsmiths Centre, and Leo Hadgi-Petrou from HS Walsh – both co-sponsors.  

The winner of each category winning £250, runners up £100 each, to spend on tools at HS Walsh, one of the UKs leading jewellery tool suppliers, providing a jump start to long lasting careers in the industry. 

 The annual competition has been made possible with Bishopsland Educational Trust through the initiative, collaboration and support of Jacobs the Jewellers, the Goldsmiths’ Centre and HS Walsh. All parties support this competition, committing to craft and the artists of Bishopsland Educational Trust.

 Adam Jacobs, Partner, Jacobs the Jewellers: “A decade of this competition has been a brilliant achievement – the same 3 partners have created a compelling event, and I’m grateful to each of them. Each year the calibre of entries has been exceptional, and this year is no different. We’re looking forward to seeing how the public vote!”.

 Chris Oliver, Head of Professional Training, The Goldsmiths’ Centre: "The Emerging Designer competition offers a fantastic opportunity for early-career silversmiths and jewellers from Bishopsland Educational Trust to gain hands-on retail experience. The Goldsmiths’ Centre is proud to back this initiative, which helps emerging makers to thrive, connect, and develop their skills and businesses together."

Angela Cork, Principal Bishopsland Educational Trust: “The Emerging Designer event at Jacobs the Jewellers is a regular feature in Bishopsland’s annual programme to create live retail experiences. Each year our cohort are given a high street and online platform to showcase their latest work, which is then put to a public vote. This is a brilliant learning experience for Bishopsland’s makers, and we are incredibly grateful to our sponsors, Jacobs the Jewellers, the Goldsmiths’ Centre and HS Walsh for their generous support over the last ten years, these opportunities help to safeguard the future of our industry and silversmithing.” 

Leo Hadgi-Petrou, Manager at HS Walsh & Sons: “I am honoured to be a part of this fantastic event organised by Adam Jacobs, now celebrating their 10th and final year of Jacobs the Jewellers’ Emerging Designer Competition. 
Previous years work submitted has been of a very high standard and I expect this years work will be of an even higher standard. I am honoured to be attending for my second year on the 18th June representing H S Walsh & Sons alongside Jacobs the Jewellers, Bishopsland Educational Trust & The Goldsmiths’ Centre.”